Checklist for issuing of Essentiality Certificate

  1. Application from the Promoter / Company.
  2. Preliminary Project Report.
  3. Registered Agreement to Sell.
  4. Affidavit with regard that:-
  • The purchaser / promoter of the unit will run the project as a tourism unit for at least 10 years and he / she will use the land only for Tourism purpose.
  • Also he / she will provide 70% employment to bonafide Himachali’s.
  • Affidavit from the seller that he / she will not become landless and if he / she is rendered landless he / she undertakes that he / she will not claim any land / property from the Govt. of H.P. under any scheme.
  1. Original Revenue paper Tatima – Jamabandi (latest).
  2. Site Plan / Building plans showing contours / construction, roads, existing trees & distance of existing trees from construction with the provision of parking and RWH.
  3. Memorandum & Articles of Association in case of Company and partnership deed, if the project is in partnership.
  4. NOC from Local bodies (urban or rural) i.e. Gram Panchayat / NAC / TCP / MC, I&PH, Forest Department and Electricity board.
  5. NOC of Pollution Control Board with respect to proposed arrangement for disposal of effluents and sanitation.
  6. Report on the availability of Water in case IPH refuses to supply water connection.
  7. Inspection report of the project from the field office i.e. DY.   Director, Tourism concerned.
  8. Location plan showing the approximate distance of land in question from some prominent station.
  9. Any other documents which the Department may deem fit to ascertain the eligibility of applicant and suitability of land proposed to be transferred.

Documents required for the Approval of Project

  • Title papers of the land i.e. Tatima & Jamabandi of land.
  • Feasibility Report from the registered Consultant/Architect.
  • Blue prints & estimated cost (civil work) of the building approved from Assistant Engineer HPPWD for rural areas, NOC/Clearance from Town & Country Planning Department and M.C. Department, if falls in their extended jurisdiction or certificate of the Patwari & Panchayat Pradhan that the area does not fall with in the jurisdiction of TCP/MC as the case may be.
  • Affidavit to run the said hotel at least for 10 years 70% employment to Himachali and not avail any type of subsidy.
  • Site inspection report from the District Tourism Development Officer / SDO (Civil) of the concerned area.

Sizes of Rooms 10X10=100 sqft. SBR, 10X12=  120 Sqft DBR, 6X5 =30 sqft. Bath Toilet

Parking/Kitchen/Dining/Rain water harvesting system/Solar System in the drawing

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